Children and Families: Oasis



What is Oasis?
Oasis is a place for children and families to be loved and accepted, build friendships, and grow in a relationship with Jesus. Like a lush green oasis in a dry desert, Oasis at Flora Presbyterian Church, provides a safe, refreshing break from the cares of the world.

When is Oasis?
Every Wednesday evening from 6 – 8 p.m. during the school year, except school holidays. The Oasis ministry began in 2002.

Who comes?
Oasis welcomes children from Kindergarten through Senior High, adults and parents. Between 60-80 people gather on a typical night. Many children come year after year. You may begin attending at any time during the school year. Fill out a Youth Permission form

What happens at Oasis?
Every Oasis begins at 6 p.m. with a free meal, lovingly prepared by members and friends of the church. After dinner children and adults gather in the sanctuary to sing, discuss what we are learning, and pray. At 7 we break into age-groups for fun activities and learning about God. We end at 8 p.m. “Fun nights” and special events are sprinkled throughout the calendar including our annual kick-off carnival every September, hayride in October, bowling in winter, movie nights, game nights, swim parties, picnics, putt-putt golf, and more!


Mark Your Calendar Oasis Kick-Off September 6th  2017!!!!

Join Us for Carnival Games, Food, Balloon Animals and a Moonwalk



Oasis had a great time during the 2016-2017 Year

Including a Block Party Kickoff, De La Croix concert, Swim Party among many other activities!

One lesson the 4th and 5th graders learned in Oasis is the truth and value of God’s Word.  We read some of the Psalms and discussed the need to talk to God and bring whatever concerns, confusions, praises, joys, heartaches and yes, even anger to God; He’s big enough and cares enough to listen to it all.  They were asked to write their own Psalms.  Enjoy these few examples:

  1. Lord,  You are the volcano and I am the lava. I may want a lot and think you have forsaken me, but you have not. I am merely a worm and you are a giant. You take a while because you can’t hear me but once you do, we sprout out like lava in a volcano and make an amazing force, sort of like you and the savior.”  ~ Toby
  2. “Lord, You created me and my family and my friends.  You are cool.  I believe in you.  You are my God and you are my only God.  thank you for what you did for me and my family and friends”. ~ Lacoya
  3. “Dear Lord, I hope you know I will always love you and will never lose you in my heart. ” ~ Savannah
  4. “Lord, you created my and my family.  GOOD JOB!” ~ Anonymous
  5. “Lord, Why won’t you talk to me?  My Lord, if I’m not getting what you are saying, please tell me soon.  I love you.  ~ Your #1 fan, Emma


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Watch the fun from 2014-2015:

Important Information:

Dates to remember:   Kick-Off Carnival, September 14th!

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