Who We Are


Oasis singing -- our worship time on Weds eveningsThe congregation of Flora Presbyterian Church is Christ-centered and longs to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving creatively and faithfully in the Flora community and to the ends of the Earth. We seek to hear and carry out Christ’s call to be salt and light to those outside the church.

Historically, the congregation has been characterized by generosity and a willingness to respond to community needs. The congregation has been very appreciative of each of their pastors and supportive of the pastors’ initiatives.

One of our congregation’s many strengths has been our passion for mission – not just raising money, but active participation in mission trips abroad as well as mission at home. Our Presbyterian Women group is actively involved in running the Thrift Shop, an ecumenical mission ministry in Flora. Our ecumenical Vacation Bible School supports an international mission project every year — this year if was Samaritan’s Purse which provides playground equipment and education for Syrian refugee children.

Oasis Kick-Off Carnival -- sidewalk chalk artMany members have attended a Great Banquet, or similar retreat experience, and remain active in supporting the Lafayette Great Banquet gatherings, serving on leadership teams, and encouraging members to attend. Members want to continue to grow and be challenged spiritually, including Bible studies at church and in members’ homes.

The culture of the congregation is characterized by the warmth of the Passing of the Peace portion of the worship service, which envelops members and visitors alike. This congregation feels like a safe, welcoming, caring place to be. Fellowship after worship, regular carry-in meals and other social functions, are all opportunities to build lasting relationships. The congregation prays for each other, extends care and concern, and celebrates together.

There is a strong, committed core leadership group that has grown in the ability to love others unconditionally through their many years of ministering to children, youth, and their families through the weekly evening Oasis program.

We love to welcome visitors into our fellowship, our ministries, and our leadership. The risen Christ is calling us out into our community and we would love to have you be a part of what’s happening for God in Flora through our congregation!